Jewelry that brings heritage to the modern era.

UX/UI Design
E- commerce
Shopify Development
Luxury Jewelry

Stichnoth, a distinguished jewelry company based in Germany, endeavors to rejuvenate its digital presence, showcasing its multi-generational legacy. Through a harmonious blend of artisanal craftsmanship and modern technologies spanning over three generations, the objective is to illustrate Stichnoth's enduring commitment to tradition and innovation.

The solution

In this ambitious e-commerce project, our focus is on crafting a visually captivating identity that distinguishes Stichnoth from traditional jewelry brands. Employing a unique typography proposal and a vibrant color palette, we aim to create a lasting impression. Additionally, our photography direction accentuates the rich heritage of Stichnoth's artisans, adding depth to its narrative.


Imagery: Stichnoth


The project, meticulously designed in Figma, encompasses the entire process from wireframes and conceptualization to graphic direction and screen design. Leveraging Shopify and Liquid language, we developed a bespoke e-commerce solution featuring custom templates and seamless integrations tailored to enhance user experience and functionality, thereby elevating Stichnoth's online presence.

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Stichnoth e-commerce

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