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Akira Cine
UX/UI Design
Custom development
Digital Media

Akira Cine is an audiovisual content, film and advertising production company that has been creating campaigns for brands around the world since 2014. For their website they wanted to have an interactive and tailor-made space that would creatively communicate their audiovisual work.

The solution

This website blends film and art into a digital portfolio showcasing talent and stories. It serves as a window into the brand's excellence in commercial and cinematic realms. It immerses visitors in a unique experience, presenting projects and cinematic narratives. Our aim was to create a high-performance site rich in video content. We offer innovative exploration options and interactions, including horizontal and vertical scrolls for an elevated user experience.


Content: Akira Cine


The development was done from scratch using Vue.js and Nuxt.js, for the content manager we chose Prismic, which allows us greater flexibility when creating modules that can be freely used by the client. All animations were custom made using Vanilla Javascript without the use of additional libraries. This resulted in a very interactive website that has very good performance results even when it has a lot of audiovisual content.

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