Creative and interactive web design and development for the Colombian writer Amalia Andrade.

Amalia Andrade
Web Design
Custom Development

Amalia Andrade is a Colombian writer and illustrator renowned for her wit and insightful portrayal of emotions like heartbreak and anxiety. Following her social media success, we established this website to serve as a hub for her creations, publications, and persona. The website serves as an extension of her artistic expression, encouraging user engagement and deeper exploration.

The solution

Leveraging the creative latitude granted by Amalia Andrade, we conceived a website emphasizing interaction and vibrant aesthetics. It's replete with delightful surprises for her audience, including draggable elements, captivating animations, and seamless color transitions.


Brand Identity: S&Co


This comprehensive project was meticulously crafted using Figma for design and customized development on Wordpress. Our bespoke content management system empowers the client with effortless content updates. Greensock and Javascript were employed to ensure fluid animations and transitions, enhancing the overall user experience.

Link to project
Amalia Andrade website

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