Design and development project for one of the most important typography studios in Colombia.

Bastarda Type
Web Design
Custom Development

Our friends at Bastarda Type already had a website to showcase their work. However, they needed a more robust location where they could sell their typefaces and enable users to test their created fonts. The website had to be visually stunning and, at the same time, very easy to use. This design had to attract potential buyers as well as people who love typography. The main challenge of this project was to create a clear separation between typography and branding projects also designing an intuitive buying process for all users.

The solution

When designing the website, we started by creating a different structure for the fonts and the projects. The fonts page includes a tester that enabled people to test the features of each font. We also focused on highlighting the most impactful images of each branding project. Additionally, we wanted to create an interesting combination of high-impact typographic elements and visual images acquired from the studio’s completed branding projects. Finally, we tried to create more interactive elements that would show the anatomy of the typographies engagingly. After all the great work, we were fortunate to win some prizes with this project an achievement we will never forget.


Brand Identity: Bastarda Type


This design project was designed in Figma. For the development, we created custom templates in HTML, CSS and Javascript, the shopping cart functionalities were developed by another developer completely in PHP, so we worked on the integration of the CMS with the front-end. The animations were made using Greensock and SVG.

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