Elevating elegance in a men's footwear e-commerce.

Beckett Simonon
UX/UI Design
E- commerce

Beckett Simonon was looking for a redesign with the goal of showing in their e-commerce the meticulous processes, the passionate people behind each creation and their commitment to sustainability. The client wanted each user to feel not just like a shopper, but like a protagonist in the story. We created a space of stories where shopping becomes a personal journey, accompanied by customer service that guides them every step of the way.

The solution

A few years ago, we brought the front page of this brand to life and now, with the brand refresh by Bastarda Type, we took a turn in the narrative and the audience reached. Our challenge was to transform the story of each process into something more than a simple transaction. At the heart of our approach is an understanding of the target audience: those who are not just looking to purchase products, but to immerse themselves in stories, processes and reasons. Each shoe is not just an item, it is a gateway to a unique story that connects them to their narrative.


Rebranding: Bastarda Type
Development: Juan Andrés Yepes


For this process we took as a basis the design we had made in the first stage, in addition to the data of the users who visited the site. The design process was done in Figma and consisted in the creation of wireframes, user flows, prototypes for testing, graphic directions and later the implementation of all Deskstop and Mobile screens. The development was completed by another company in Shopify.

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