A collaborative audiovisual studio driven by curiosity, freedom, and magic.

Web Development
Digital Media

In this project, we were tasked with blending creativity and technology to bring Maria Camila Calle's fascinating universe to life. Híbrido tackles the challenge of expanding the audiovisual medium into digital space, ensuring a seamless transition.

The solution

The solution we devised is pure digital magic. Not only does the site showcase Maria Camila Calle's portfolio, but it also plunges you into a realm of videos serving as gateways to unique experiences. This interactive showcase invites exploration without compromising page performance, offering a sensory-rich experience that captivates visitors.


Web Design: Margot Studio


The project's design was crafted by Margot Studio. Our role involved translating this design into a functional product. We developed a custom Wordpress theme for the website, enabling seamless content creation and editing by the client. Hosting was provided by Vercel for optimal performance and reliability.

Link to project
Híbrido website

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