Interactive web project for the photography studio Espacio Crudo.

Espacio Crudo
UX/UI Design
Custom Development

Espacio Crudo is a studio focused on content creation and art direction, their work is mainly focused on photography and love for food, in addition to other services such as foodstyling. Their work is well known in Colombia, but they wanted to start venturing into other markets. For the design of their website we created an interactive experience that allows them to navigate through their projects using motion, or discover projects through color filters. Throughout the design process we tried to structure each page in order to highlight the visual universe that Espacio Crudo creates in each of their images.

The solution

For this project we took a very representative element of the photographs created by Espacio Crudo: color. We chose this design element as the main basis for the navigation of the website, allowing users to filter the projects through the colors. In addition, we tried to combine different interactions and animations on the different pages with a very bold typographic style to highlight the brand intention of the studio. The result is a website that serves as a showcase for all their projects and makes Espacio Crudo known as a space full of creativity, innovation and color.


Imagery: Espacio Crudo


The entire website was developed using Prismic for the CMS. For the front-end we used Vue.js and Nuxt.js. All animations were custom made using Vanilla Javascript without the use of additional libraries. This resulted in a very interactive website that has very good performance results even when it has a lot of audiovisual content.

Link to project
Inspiratorio website

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