Empowering Latin American voices: Storytelling training for change-makers.

Somos Camino
UX/UI Design
Webflow Development
Social Impact and Advocacy

Inspiratorio serves as a dynamic training ground for organizations and activists across Latin America, empowering them to enhance their narrative prowess.Our goal for this project was to construct a comprehensive website that serves as a central hub for their educational resources, research findings, community engagement, and annual opportunities.

The solution

Drawing upon Camino's detailed brand manual, we embarked on our UX/UI Design journey, crafting distinctive identities for each content line. Utilizing Webflow streamlined our development process, ensuring efficiency and flexibility for client iterations.


Brand design: Somos Camino


This project, rooted in Camino's brand guidelines, was meticulously designed in Figma. Development was executed in Webflow alongside other no-code tools, facilitating the creation of reusable components for seamless workflow integration. Moreover, bespoke educational modules were crafted from scratch using Javascript, enhancing the platform's interactivity and functionality.

Link to project
Inspiratorio website

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