Interactive web design for the place where the tropic is eternal.

Hotel 23
UX/UI Design
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Located in Medellín, Colombia, Hotel 23 wanted us to create a website that reflected the design and architectural elements of its building, such as the design of its different spaces, the stones, its plants, colors, the sun and the constellations in the night sky above it, among others. The target audience of this project are people in Colombia and abroad who are interested in visiting one of Medellín’s most beautiful hotels.

The solution

We feel that what stands out most on the site are the shapes and textures. We tried to take inspiration from elements we found in the hotel, which has many handcrafted details on each floor as well as distinctive styles in its restaurant and terrace. On the other hand, much of the inspiration for Hotel 23 is its location—it name is a reference to its location being 23 degrees in respect to the sun—and its relationship with constellations. We tried to reflect this on the website with elements such as lines and typography.


Brand identity: Patio Estudio


The Hotel 23 project was designed in Figma and developed from scratch in Vue.js and Nuxt.js. The content manager was custom built in Prismic. In addition, it has multiple integrations such as a booking engine chosen by the client. In addition, the website features several interactions and animations that could be custom built in Javascript without compromising the performance of the final product.

Link to project
Hotel 23 website

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