Website design and development for a New York/Bogota based creative studio.

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Marfala is a creative strategy and branding studio. Its clients span markets in New York, Latin America and Europe. The website we designed and developed seeks to reflect the studio's values in a way that assertively communicates its design vision while creating a unique experience.

The solution

For this project we worked on the UX/UI design and the development of the front-end and the CMS. Our first step was to organize the projects contents in a clear navigation structure, after that we worked on the visual part: we tried to use the brand elements in a very strong way, as well as adding subtlety through the animations and interactions of each page. Finally, we tried to add very unique moments like the project filters, the main menu or the "Garden" page, with inspirational content.


Brand Identity: Marfala


The development was done from scratch using Vue.js and Nuxt.js, for the content manager we chose Prismic, which allows us greater flexibility when creating modules that can be freely used by the client. All animations were custom made using Vanilla Javascript without the use of additional libraries. This resulted in a very interactive website that has very good performance results even when it has a lot of audiovisual content.

Link to project
Marfala website

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