An ongoing and iterative development process for a startup in San Francisco.

Lumos Inc
Webflow development
Mantainance and Ongoing support

Lumos is a software startup based in San Francisco that started in 2022. For its launch it needed to launch a website with comprehensive information about its products and services, this project was designed by Lumos internal team and developed in Webflow, therefore we had to have a collaborative work methodology with their design team, in addition to implement best practices in Webflow to ensure easy editing of the site and its scalability.

The solution

Our first step was setting up a collaborative process for delivering design files, feedback, bug reports, and other elements. Once we had this in place, we started running development sprints in Webflow, delivering essential pages and components every week. When creating these templates, we made use of Webflow options and symbols, as well as CMS, features to ensure easy iteration in later stages of the project. We continued to collaborate with Lumos on an ongoing basis ever since the website's inception, and we are constantly working on new pages and improvements so they have a robust digital environment


Web Ddesign: Lumos Inc.


The design was done by Lumos' in-house team. We have been in charge of implementing the design in Webflow for 2 years. This has allowed us to improve our skills in multiple no-code tools. The project has also required us to make different integrations and develop functionalities from scratch using Javascript.

Link to project
Lumos website

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