Green hydrogen solutions for a sustainable world.

UX/UI Design
Web Development
Renewable Energy

Vatergy offers practical and tangible hydrogen solutions for a sustainable world, seeking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the most difficult to reduce industries. For this project they asked us to create their corporate website to communicate in a simple way their processes and projects.

The solution

The challenge of this project was to communicate such a technical and complex topic as green hydrogen solutions, for this we collaborate with Asisi Felicia to communicate this form of renewable energy through simple illustrations and animations, in addition to creating an informative section on the basics of green hydrogen.


Brand identity: Asisi Felicia


For this project, we did the UX/UI design in Figma. For the development process we created a custom template in Wordpress, using Underscores as the basis for the development. In addition, the animations were implemented using GSAP.

Link to project
Vatergy website

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