Helping Alma Nova improve people well-being and health through their e-commerce.

Alma Nova
E- commerce
UX/UI Design
Beauty and personal care

Alma Nova was born out of Carolina Novoa's motivation to help people protect, care for and heal their bodies and souls. Carolina's intention is to help people find balance and harmony in their lives. Our challenge was therefore to create an e-commerce that reflects this motivation behind the brand's products.

The solution

We crafted a bespoke e-commerce platform on Shopify that embodies the brand's essence, going beyond mere product listings to convey the appropriate lifestyle messages. The incorporation of graphic elements, animations, and transitions infuses vitality into this digital endeavor, ensuring a captivating user experience.


Brand identity: S&Co


This e-commerce project was meticulously designed in Figma. Leveraging Liquid language and Javascript, we developed a tailored template on Shopify. Every transition and animation was meticulously crafted from scratch, eschewing external libraries to maintain a distinctive and dynamic interface."

Link to project
Alma Nova website

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