Branding and custom-made e-commerce for a Colombian luxury clothing store.

Martín Pescador
UX/UI Development
E- commerce

The previous Martin Pescador website did not properly communicate its brand values or the most relevant product features. The brand lacked elements of differentiation from the competition. We started our process by creating elements that reflected its DNA. We also thought about how these elements could be applied in a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate e-commerce.

The solution

The first step of the design process consisted in adjusting and updating several brand elements such as colors and typography to convey the brand’s essence to its target audience in a more appropriate way. Then we started creating different e-commerce templates, always looking for opportunities where we could reflect the brand’s ideas; such as the quality of their products, the influence of the Colombian coast, and their products’ elaboration process. We were able to create a very practical website for users, reflecting Martín Pescador’s philosophy creatively.


Photography: Martín Pescador


The image redesign process (typography and colors) was completed in Figma. The development of the project was developed as a custom template for Shopify using Liquid language. Multiple integrations with plugins and external tools were made on this template.

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