Helping Paya Health communicate its purpose of taking care for skincare from the inside out.

Replica Studio
E- commerce
Shopify Development
Wellness and Skin Care

Paya Health is a Los Angeles, California-based company that creates gummies to transform the skin at a cellular level. Their product feeds essential nutrients to the gut and transform the skin from the inside out.

The solution

In this project we were in charge of developing the design proposal created by Réplica Studio. We created a custom e-commerce in Shopify that creatively expresses the essence of the brand, allowing the client to create using patterns and shapes according to their needs, and allowing users a very simple shopping experience.


Brand Identity: Réplica
Web Design: Réplica


This project was designed in its entirety by Replica Studio. The development is a headless e-commerce for Shopify, where we created the template from scratch and implemented the animations in its entirety. The developed theme allows the client to update products and edit content easily.

Link to project
Paya Health e-commerce

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