Design collaboration for several years with the Colombian startup leader in financial services.

UX/UI Design
Product Design

We collaborated with Trii from their early stages, working on different challenges throughout the years. Some of these challenges included: designing their first MVP, creating a design system that would scale their products to more users, designing several marketing websites, redesigning their digital products under a new branding system, and offering consulting and guidance in the consolidation of their design team.

The solution

The first step of this project was to design the first version of the application, considering the needs of the business, the industry and the company's target audience. As a result of this first project, the company was able to grow in Colombia and obtain an investment in Y Combinator. The second stage consisted of creating and organizing a design system that would work for a wider range of products and services, as well as covering other markets such as Peru and Chile. The company continued to grow at an accelerated pace, and as a result, we offered advice and support in the consolidation of its internal design team. Our collaboration as digital consultants continues to this day.


Logo Design: Young & Rubicam


This was a project we worked on for several years with Trii's management and design team. The project was done entirely using Figma, where we created deliverables such as wireframes, user flows, creation of graphic directions, prototypes and tests, design system, among others.

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Trii website

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